Keep it Wrong

by Wishing Rock

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released May 19, 2017

Jeff Brunell - Guitar, Vocals
Lizzy Greif - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Michael Habif - Drums
Tim King - Bass

Recorded by Doug Bartholomew January 2017
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Wishing Rock is an unrepentant paean to your Gen-X cousin’s CD tower. Initially conceived as a one-off farewell for singer/guitarist Jeff Brunell, who was defecting to a Pacific NW cabin to indulge rusty dreams of writing a novel, the band re-formed in earnest upon his return to Baltimore. The lo-fi bedroom songs that Brunell began sketching when the Orioles were bad and Weezer was good found their skin and heartbeat in the dreamy swells and post-punk breaks of longtime co-conspirators Lizzy Greif, Tim King, and Michael Habif. King’s angular bass jabs, Greif's golden-spooky guitar/vocals, and Habif's hypertensive drumming catapult the songs, populated by magical losers and geographical inside jokes, from the edge of naked sentimentality. Catch them in a Mid-Atlantic rowhouse basement in support of their five-song debut EP, Keep It Wrong, while there is yet time.




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Wishing Rock Baltimore, Maryland


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Track Name: 17 Seconds Sound
17 seconds sound. good god / i'm grateful that you stuck around / and i'm sorry if it brought you down / with the last of childhood, dripping. / steam swinging up my street/ there's a bass drum underneath my feet / and it's hopeful, but it's incomplete. / one day. one day. one day. one day / i wanna take you in my whip, yeah / take you past the last saloon, and / take me by the rising moon.. / i'll call you from a borrowed dime / say, "we isn't gonna break this time" / and "no baby's gonna take what mine," but / baby's gone baby's gone baby's gone baby's gone / and that's - fine. / working for these dried up institutions leaves me drained and lacking feeling / but your two weeks in tennessee? / the power's there for killing me. / how was i supposed to know / how to write before the story goes? / you were right before, the story goes / but that's too much. / it's like we never learned when we were young / how to fix a busted human lung / when the fundamentals come undone / life's so unnerving. / but there's a steam / swinging up my street, says, / "It'l never be that hard to eat," and / "We're never going to be complete / but / our hearts keep beating on." / waiting for this dried up institution / i myself hardly believe in / but your two weeks in tennessee / i get the sense you're leaving me. / and you don't call.. / are you in a crowd? are you seated, on the shore? / i'm in baltimore, with your edict nailed to my door / all alone in my secondhand shoes / and there ain't no cure for this thing we're going through.
Track Name: Leave it Home, it's a Load
hans, say it's right for me / say it with your eyes closed. say it with your iphone / i'll be damned if i'm gonna let a bunny take a bite of my shank / has we drunk enough to tell the story of the people at the pity party? / and are we wise enough to let it hang? / stay with me when the feeling's gone / i know, it's wrong / come downstairs for my sad-sad songs / and don't tell me i'm playing it wrong / and don't go downtown with your heart along / leave it home, it's a loaded gun / don't go downtown with your heart on / leave it home, it's a load / hans, say it, hans / say anything, hans / say it say it say it say it.
Track Name: Cedar Swing
we can crawl through the muzzy miles / take your I-32 east smile / and we can go down, around / the brakes don't work, we're driving. / and we can crawl through the mall in skirts / take a walk with me, it will not hurt / it will not hurt. / and call your mommy from marley, outside of the theatre / we walk the circuit, yeah / we're getting weirder, you know / we're going home / and you can wait for your lover, wait for the weather to break / wait for the next great thing to go down / your #1 town / so it's one for the dumbies, two for the skaters / see, we never made it / career eighth graders. / young chainsmokers, teen dream haters / the bike trail in the rain the tape traders / stick around here: come down, pay later / you can come back summer / yeah, you won't see her / they got younger, the grass got greener / some bought bummers, some swing cedar / they're never meaner than when you're around.
Track Name: Two Legs
help to those who want it / those who need it / those who don't - still get it / smiles, and death on credit / yes, i stole it / and no, you shouldn't act surprised / my email's nasty / you bypassed me, spoke sarcastically / asked if there were something astrologically awry / when you turned up at our show / wet with grace enough to know / we're getting time out of the way / space, from a retainer / i'm sane and plainer now / i will yet hit paydirt / "say what you will, i've got this little space to fill" / and you don't know how it feels to be mediocre, now do you? / so you showed up, like you must / manically dancing amidst the dust / getting time out of the way / but i've got two legs in mind / tapping along, helping us keep time / two legs in mind / tapping along, helping us cheat time.
Track Name: Piscataway
hey, moon / do you want to know why there is this divide? / it's you / you've been blocking out the stars my whole life / so won't you come down / come downstairs if there's a fight / i'll calm down - i'm alright / and i will try to talk to you like the moon / is it true / that it troubles you how little you are seen? / it's been my whole life - i think i know / exactly what you mean / so won't you come down / and tell me how it's been / how it was / how it was and much too often was again / and i will try to talk to you like a friend. / i know when you're holding your glasses / above your head, we might just have a talk / when he has gone to bed, down there in your kitchen / conspiracy countertop / it's just a shout away / and i'd love to hear you say, "he went thataway." / back to piscataway / do you remember when you remembered when-you-remembered?