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the still-popular myth/is you have to move to new york to not miss it/and that the one-percent or the five-percent, or whichever, shall gravitate, well/i'm afraid of change/but what i'm more afraid of is chasing, like dad said/ the dream, when time is gone/and it's yourself running from yourself, son/da - da - da - doop - duh - duh - duh - da - da -da - duh - duh - duh, well/i'm a loyalist/and now my friends have babies, us babies have friends, see/they're building equity/on the wrong side of town, but they're holding it down/and oh, i hate to hear you say/though he is a real deep thinker, he will never leave the beltway/oh, well you should see the world/with your trust fund/oh, with your trust fund/i would have liked to have seen the world/i would/have liked to have-seen/i would have liked to have seen the world/i'd like to disbelieve/but i pace in circles, bitterly/with my plans unmade and my words half-written/and half-asleep through everyday/while my friends make babies, my friends make records/and the american way?/still disgusts me through and through, like it used to you/ but how's that useful to you?/well, i think the same way and we really aren't speaking, but/ i would like to talk/and i would like to meet in the streets, cause they've been silent/i checked the door again/to find out if my cat wanted in cause it's cold/another decade, now/everyone's so depressed and nonplussed and ironic/and in this city, right now/someone else must be checking the door for their cat/julia/so if freedom is a fiction/i'll be clutching the excuse/against the larger part of little me that's frightened of the truth/who knows what makes the blood move/doesn't move but only watches/and delights in the half-life/of deconstructing fucking fabric swatches/well, this deviant colossus/won't collapse unless we push it/and you know it's getting grim/when we're rechristening the bushes/so i hope we get together/find new ways to move our tushes/because 'it is what it is'/ain't enough anymore/it is/a popular myth
"i want to go home" and "i want to have a home" these are not the same thing, though they claim it when they sing like kissing cousins in the corner of the dance, declining a lost summer, and sitting on your hands you could have called you could have called i'm throwing roses at the wall it's doing push-ups in the hall, they say they're with me after all, and what's more i like you now you got chills, I got sore to think disaster's natural law i caught the inkling around four came home, collapsed against the door i could have killed, could have cried! you could have had me for your bride to fashion proof without surprise a sophomore takes it all in stride, and why? what's done is dull delete til you're full if what you have is half a horse and what you are is chemicals assume your place: go back to base. and float a kite up for a life who loves to leave without a trace i like you now


Recorded and mixed by Steven Johnson of 20/20 Records and Tapes
Baltimore, MD between 9/17 and 11/19


released March 24, 2020

Anne Blackfield - synthesizer
Jeff Brunell - vocals/guitar
Jenn Pastoor - violin
Jes Welter - bass
Lizzy Greif - guitar/vocals
Michael Habif - drums
Tim King - bass


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Wishing Rock Baltimore, Maryland

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